The unfathomable love of God

By Atheist Answers (Facebook Page)

In the Bible we see God's holiness as one of the most emphasized attributes of God's Being.

We see angels which are in the presence of God covering their faces with their wings because of the shear force of God's holiness, and these angels can do nothing other than proclaim God's holiness.

God is known by the angels for His holiness, He is worshiped for His holiness and He is to be feared above all things because of His holiness.

God is so holy that no sin can be in His presence, sin is the very antithesis of God's nature, it is the very enemy of God.

So what must of these angels of Heaven thought when they saw this God of Holiness identify Himself with our sin by putting our sin upon Himself; the very sin that separated us from God, God would identify Himself with that we might never be separated from Him.

2 Corinthians 5:21

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

Wow, the very sin that separated us from God, God would identify Himself with so that we will never be separated from Him.

This pure holiness of God which He is known for, worshiped for and feared for by the very angels of Heaven, and this sin which is a direct violation of God's holy nature (which separates us from God) God would then take upon Himself because He loved us that much.

What love of God is this? What must those angels of heaven which witnessed this take place think about God's love for us when they saw what He did, that the very God of pure holiness would take upon Himself our sin that we might be made holy before Him.

No wonder the Bible says "for God SO loved the world"

But alternatively what must the angels of Heaven think of men who reject this love of God? Surely there is no greater offence in all of existence.

There is no greater love in reality than this love we see of God, and there is no greater offence (particularly on love) in reality if we reject this love...

Today you can receive this love of God by receiving God's Son Jesus Christ...

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