The difference between Islam and Christianity (three points)

By Philosophical Theist (Facebook Page)

The difference between Islam and Christianity (three points)

a) Difference of metaphysics:

Islam holds to a radically different conception of God. The metaphysics of Voluntarism (school of thought that regards the will as superior to the intellect and to emotion.) best fits the description of Allah. What Allah does is good, because Allah does it. In contrast, Christianity falls more under the metaphysics of intellectualism as defended by Aquinas, the Christian God is constrained by his own nature. In contrast to the Muslim God, the Christian God cannot make rape good tomorrow by declaring it good as this would violate his own nature.

b) Philosophy of scripture:

For Islam, Scripture is a static guide that was handed down to Muhammed in a cave. Islam regards the Koran as co-eternal with God. The only thing that Christianity has which comes close to this is the ten commandments that were handed down to Moses. Other than that, Christianity has nothing like it. In constrast, Christianity began as a public events that were recorded by reliable (but fallible) witnesses. Christianity is about the life of a specific person as recorded by those who saw and heard Jesus speak. Eventually this was written down, into documents that were later compiled into a single book called "The New Testament".

c) Nature of the after-life:

For Islam, there is the promise of sex in the after-life, where as according to Christianity, those in the after-life will “neither marry nor are given in marriage” (Matthew 22:30). Clearly, the two religions have fundamentally different views on what the after-life will be like.