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About Us

This website is currently a work in progress

This website was produced by Living Waters Europe in 2015 to provide an accessible way for anyone to easily find out more about Christianity, after receiving a Gospel tract. The curious users who adventure through this site will discover why Christianity is a rational and reasonable worldview to hold. Additionally, we also wanted this website to be used and shared by anyone on their own Gospel Tracts, in many languages! To achieve this, we had to ensure that the material available originates from a range of sources which will avoid the thought that this whole website is simply a chance for us to advertise our own ministry.

Prepare yourself to be guided into a whole new world of resources. Enter with an open mind, and you may come closer to the truth.

Although we have listed material from a range of other ministries, please note that we do not necessarily agree on every doctrine they promote outside of the links. We are however, united on fundamental Christian doctrines and beliefs, such as the resurrection of Christ and the inerrancy of scripture (to name a few). We are not divided on minor issues for example: the various views on eschatology.

If you know of a video, article, or audio link which you believe will be beneficial to this site, feel free to contact us, and we'll consider inserting the link where appropriate. If you're able to aid us with translating parts of the website into other languages please send us your translation via email and we'll be happy to quickly cross check it with another translator and then insert it into the website for everyone to benefit.

Ministries we have included in this website:

We are very thankful to God that all of these ministries provide accessible resources for the purpose of equipping the saints and to reach the lost.